About us

Do you want to crush the head of the serpent and end abortion in your land? Join this Crusade of prayer under the mantle of Our Lady.

Mass Abortion is attempting to destroy the fabric of our world. We need to bring back the souls of the nations through a CRUSADE of 2 Pillars that will crush the head of the serpent.

Pillar 1: Holy Communion

50 Years ago, the reception of Jesus Christ in Holy Communion ended Abortion in Communist Poland. A Prayer Crusade that took place in Poland in 1980-1993 and reduced numbers of abortions from 1 million a year in 1970 to 777 in 1993. The principal weapon was the Holy Eucharist. Thousands received Our Lord to end abortion.

Pillar 2: Blessed Virgin Mary

500 Years ago, Our Lady of Guadalupe ended the carnage of child sacrifice in Mexico and millions converted. Pillar 2 will seek through Marian Consecration to increase the wall of Prayer with Holy Hours, Rosary, fasting, suffering souls and Reparation.