Mary's Crusade For Life

Receive Holy Communion with the intentions to awaken the soul to the truth that every life is sacred, to end “do it yourself” abortions and to repeal the 1967 “Abortion Act”.

Consecration Prayer

Thankyou Lord Jesus Christ for the Gift of LIFE and allowing me to come into the light of Life. Life itself, the Word Made Flesh became incarnate in the Womb of the Mother today in the “Fullness of Time”. How sacred Lord is Life. How sacred is the womb of the Mother and yet it is now the place where 1 in 4 little ones globally are fighting for survival, just to see this light of life. The Lord has fashioned each soul in His Glorious Image and Likeness with a beautiful vocation in life. Yet we have rebelled against the Lord and sinned. We have transgressed your Natural Law. Abortion has ripped apart the fabric of our society. To end the life of the innocent unborn is never the answer. It is wrong to make the child a victim in any circumstance. So today now on the Feast of Life Itself, the Annunciation, we humbly CONSECRATE to your Immaculate Heart, Most Blessed Virgin of Guadalupe, this New Apostolate Mary’s Crusade for Life, To awaken the souls of all nations to recognise that the life of every human being is SACRED from conception to natural death, and to institute new just laws in each country to protect every child in the womb. We make this prayer through Your Immaculate Heart and through Christ our Lord. Amen!

Do you want to crush the head of the serpent and abortion?

This is a spiritual battle. Spiritual battles need spiritual weapons. We need a crusade. The Head of the Crusade is Mary. We do not have to re invent the wheel, Heaven has already provided the weapons to end abortion. These are the 2 pillars that St John Bosco told us about: The Most Holy Eucharist and The Blessed Virgin Mary. Sign up and become a crusader for Mary. Join the first step and receive Holy Communion for the intentions of the Crusade.